Caleb and Ashtyn Hein

Caleb and Ashtyn Hein

Caleb is our Horsemanship Manager, helping run Ranch Camp in the summer and handling care and maintenance of everything barn and horse related year round. Along with his wife, Ashtyn, they have worked for Victory since 2013. Caleb is originally from Alaska and met Ashtyn, originally from Nebraska, here at Victory during summer camp. They have now been married for 5 years and have three children, Nathan, Paisley and Craig.

Caleb loves seeing the truth of God’s Word shared -especially the Gospel- as a result of the Horsemanship program, worked within its various functions and relationships built. They also love that Victory is a ministry about God, His Word and His people.

He does not have a favorite verse, but rather the “first 66 books of the Bible :)”

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