Rental Guidelines

Camp Guidelines

Are you considering renting the beautiful facilities at Victory Bible Camp?  Please check out these guidelines to help ensure a great stay.

The group leader checks in with the Guest Service Host upon arrival. The group must have attendance records of people attending. If there are part-time attendees, the records need to include the number of nights stayed and meals eaten for each one.

Facility Care
The group leader ensures the facilities are kept in an orderly condition. The group is financially liable for damages by it groups member, except damage arising from normal wear. A facility inspection may be included as part of the financial settlement at the end of the event.

Food Service
Meal hours are normally breakfast 8:30 am, lunch 12:30 pm, and dinner 5:30 pm. Any changes of meal times must be requested and approved before the contract is finalized. Shoes and shirts are required in the dining rooms. No food or dinnerware will be taken from the dining room. Menus are developed by Victory Bible Camps, but limited alternatives may be available if arrangements are made 21 days in advance of the event.

Camp Regulations
Smoking is permitted outside the buildings only. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the grounds. Social dancing is not permitted on the grounds. Pets are not allowed in any building and must be on a leash at all times. For the comfort of our guests, quiet hour begins at 11:00 pm. Fireworks are not allowed on the grounds. Use of firearms is allowed only in approved areas. Safety equipment must be worn. When firearms are not in use the guns and ammunition must be kept locked up. Air soft and paintball guns are considered firearms.

Staffing and Supervision
The group provides the necessary staff to safely operate all programs, such as registrar, counselors, directors, and nurse. (Note: The group is responsible for its own first aid and first aid supplies.) Victory Bible Camps will provide the necessary staff to safely deliver the services agreed upon in the contract, such as host, food service and accommodations staff. The group will provide adult supervision of at least one adult per ten campers in any faciltiy in which youth (through high school age) are assigned. They must also provide medical permission slips for those under 18.

Insurance Coverage
The group must provide Victory Bible Camps with a certificate of liability insurance from their sponsoring organization. In the event of a an accidental injury, the incident is to be reported to Victory Bible Camps by completing an Accident Report Form and turning it in to the camp office before the group leaves. The necessary form will be available at the front desk in Miracle Lodge. If it is necessary for the injured person to receive medical treatment, it must be administered by a medical doctor or at a medical facility. The group agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and assume full financial responsibility for the cost of defending and satisfying any claims against Victory Ministries of Alaska or its employees, volunteers, and agents, arising from the group’s use of Victory Ministries of Alaska and its property, facilities or equipment.

Victory Bible Camps will not be responsible for publicity and information about guest group conferences. The group leader agrees to submit a detailed schedule of the group activities 10 days in advance of the event. The group agrees that a Victory Bible Camps representative may, at one of the groups’ general meetings, bring greetings, present the ministry and mission of Victory Bible Camps, and give instructions regarding the use of the grounds. Meeting rooms will be assigned by Victory Bible Camps in order to best meet the needs of all the groups who may be using the grounds at the same time. Victory Bible camps assumes no responsibility for lost and found items. We do hold some lost & found items for at least one month after an event.