Alpine Facility

Alpine Cabins and Lodge

Centrally located, the three story Alpine Lodge serves as a great gathering place for your stay at Alpine Camp. The top floor is a meeting hall and can seat well over 100 people. The main floor has various games and activities and several round tables great for table games or craft projects. There is a full kitchen and cafe seating area for smaller group who would prefer to prepare meals for themselves.

The girls’ cabin area has 6 cabins each can house 12 people. The beds in these cabins are mostly bunk beds. There is a centrally located bathhouse just down the hill from the cabins.

Boys’ cabin area has 5 cabins. 3 of them sleep 12 the other 2 sleep 8. There is also a bathhouse located at the end of the row of cabins.

A small speaker cabin with one double bed is located just outside Alpine Lodge conveniently situated for both access to the Lodge and either bathhouse.