Work Teams


Thanks for considering helping out at Victory Bible Camp! The majority of the work here is done by volunteers like you. God has blessed us with your abilities and servant’s heart! Sometimes they come in big teams, sometimes they come as individuals. If you are reading this, you have already taken some steps towards coming up. We want to give you a few guidelines/expectations to help you know what to expect, and what is expected of you.


Typical Schedule:


  • 8:00 Devotions
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • Projects
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • Projects
  • 5:30 Supper
  • Evening Activities


  • Free time/flights/weekend activities

Max team size: 14

Ages: 18 and up (check with us for additional opportunities for younger volunteers)


Work Type: The majority of our work is remodeling/repair work here, with occasional small projects. Anyone can help if they come with a  willing attitude. Most of the projects are physical, so team members need to be willing and able to spend a full day on their feet



Spiritual Growth

Hard Quality Work





Our location offers many ways to see Alaska with a glacier you can walk on, mountains to hike, and incredible views. We offer free transportation to many of the local attractions. This year, travel to some of Alaska’s more distant sites will be limited because of our vehicle supply. Weekend travel will be limited to one weekend with one vehicle per team going less than 500 miles. Your team will not need to pay rent, however, you will need to pay for gas if you make a trip.



We ask our teams to stick to Saturday flight schedules to make transportation easier and to align with Evan’s personal grocery trips 🙂



We do not charge work teams. We do challenge them to set a goal and raise money for projects at VBC. A good goal is $500 per person. These funds go to projects and help us ensure that there is material here for you to use when you get here. The amount you raise does not directly affect or go to the work you will be doing, but it does go to one of our projects.



     Q. What is the camp schedule?

     A. The camp schedule can be found at


     Q. Do all team members have to stay for 2 weeks?

     A. No. Of course, we want you to stay for 2 weeks, but as long as your group leaders stay the entire time, we can work around other schedules. Keeping as many people here as possible for two weeks saves on training and allows jobs to be completed by the person who started them. The Saturday to Saturday flight schedule needs to be followed.


     Q. Do I have to pay for food/housing?

     A. No. These things are supplied by VBC.


     Q. Can I bring an RV?

     A. Yes! We usually have plenty of RV spots with water, power and septic hookups.


     Q. What is the deadline for applications.

     A. January 1 for team application, 3 weeks for your individual work team application. Remember, the sooner we know who is coming and their skill sets, the more time we have to plan the right project.


     Q. What will I be working on?

     A. Unfortunately, we don’t always have all the details in place before you come. Rain, emergencies, and scheduling can all play a part. We will pass on the projects to your team leader as soon as we nail them down. Typical work at VBC is small construction/remodel projects.


     Q. What is the housing like?

     A. VBC has a range of housing, some that you might have seen. Most teams will stay in large 7 bedroom units or our dry cabins (no water). All of this is based on availability. Your team leader will receive your housing assignment 2 weeks before your trip.


     Q. I already did a background check through work/church. Can I forward you the results?

     A. No. We require our own background check to be run. It takes about the same amount of time as sending us your old one and costs us very little.


     Q. I can save $200 on a flight by rescheduling. Is Victory flexible on arrival/departure dates?

     A. Yes, we are flexible to an extent. We would like to limit each team to one airport run per week. (Anchorage is 90 miles). If the team is not coming on the same flight, some of you may have to wait at the airport until the rest of the team comes in.


     Q. Can I drink Alcohol while at Victory?

     A. No, Victory Staff and Volunteers are not allowed to drink on campus. We would also like you to consider the effect you may have if one of our campers sees you drinking at a local restaurant during the weekend. We have very good water from the spring.


     Q. Can I smoke or use tobacco products at Victory?

     A. No. Victory Staff and Volunteers are not allowed to use tobacco products while on campus. If you have any questions, please run them through your team leader. Exceptions may be made in rare cases.


     Q. Can I smoke Illegal drugs or marijuana at camp.

     A. No. You are probably applying for the wrong camp.


     Q. I have a wild past. Should I bother with applying?

     A. Yes! Even if you have a criminal record, we believe that God changes lives. We confidentially review your record to see if it contains anything that will prevent you from volunteering here. We may ask for additional character references.


     Q. I don’t have any of the skills on your list. Will my application be denied?

     A. No. If you are willing to serve/learn, then we can use you. 99.99% of the short term volunteer projects are at least as physical as painting and involve walking and standing for most of the day.


     Q. I don’t paint.

     A. Our “painting” is actually a self-defense class. By the end, you will have enough muscle control to defend yourself from a variety of predators.


     Q. I don’t paint.

     A. Painting is a great way to build relationships with your fellow team members who do paint.


     Q. I don’t paint.

     A. Yes, you do.


     Q. Will I be working with kids?

     A. To save on training, we use the same summer staff for the entire camp season. If you can commit a whole summer and want to work with kids, check out this link: Otherwise, you may see kids during your time here, but you will have limited interaction.


     Q. How can I know more about the camp and what they are doing:

     A. First check out our website: . Once you are here, we can help you attend some of the chapels and campfires to see what the kids are learning.


     Q. What tools do I need to bring?

     A. We supply everything to get the projects done. Work gloves are a good idea because we probably won’t have your type/size. If you would like, there are other things that seem to be always in demand: Paintbrushes, tape measures, carpenter pencils, and other small perishable items.


     Q. What clothes should I pack?

     A. Layers that you can work/paint in. It may rain, it may be sunny and 70 degrees. An extra pair of shoes is nice in case one set needs to dry.


     Q. Do I need to ship my large firearm up there to protect myself from bears.

     A. No. 99% of the local critters are more afraid of you than you are of them. Typically our staff is aware of any problem animals and will keep you informed. Keep your distance and learn the warning signs of an irritated animal.


     Q. Are there laundry facilities available?

     A. Yes, you will have access to free laundry facilities.


     Q. How much cash should I bring for weekends?

     A. You don’t “need” any money. $150 bucks should cover most of the popular local attractions (flying, glacier and a couple of local restaurants).  Feel free to spend it all at our gift shop where the profits benefit the camp.


     Q. Do I need my Bible?

     A. Yes! We exist to bring people closer to their Creator. That includes you, and your team will have plenty of time to spend with that very book.