Work Teams

Thank you for helping us here at Victory Bible Camp!

The majority of the work projects
here are done by volunteers like you and we know that God has blessed us with your abilities and servant’s heart! Sometimes our volunteers come in work teams and sometimes they come as individuals. If you are reading this, you have already taken some steps towards coming up. You are joining a long history of literally thousands of people who have been a part of making Victory Bible Camp a place where people can come and connect with God, His creation, and fellow believers and be part of what God is doing in the lives of young people and the kids in Alaska. We want to give you information to help you know what to expect, and what is needed of your team.

Since you are visiting from outside Alaska, we want to make sure that you also get a taste of
what the Last Frontier has to offer. In between work projects your team will be able to head
out to explore the nearby Matanuska Glacier, go on amazing local hikes with amazing views, canoeing, fishing, or
boating on one of our two lakes, or simply soak in the beauty of our location surrounded by
majestic mountains, especially Victory Peak. Your team will experience Alaska at every turn.


Background Screening Report (Word) (PDF)
(Form Fillable PDF)

Work Team Members Information
(Word) (PDF)
(Form Fillable PDF)

Sample Work Schedule
(Word) (PDF)


The majority of our work is remodeling/repair work here, with occasional building projects. Anyone can help if they come with a willing attitude. Most of the projects are physical, so team members need to be willing and able to spend a full day on their feet

Project Length Options (See Supplemental Details)

7 Days (Saturday to Saturday)
10 Days (Saturday to next Weds.)
14 Days (Saturday to Saturday)

Typical 14-day Trip Schedule (adaptable for shorter trips)

  • Day 1: (Saturday) Fly into Anchorage (ANC). Drive to VBC and get settled and oriented.
  • Day 2: Church, Free Time, Camp Tour.
    • Option: Assist in Summer Camper Registration and Check-in
  • Day 3-7: Work Days (see Typical Work Day schedule below)
  • Day 8-9: (Sat-Sun) Free Time to explore Alaska!
  • Day 10-13: Work Days (see schedule)
  • Day 13 Last Alaskan Adventure
  • Day 14: Fly out of Anchorage (go to tourist areas if time is available)

Typical Work Day

  • 7:45 am – Group Devotions
  • 8:30 am – Breakfast
  • 9:30 am – Project Assignments
  • 12:30 pm – Lunch
  • 1:30 pm – Project Assignments
  • 5:30 pm – Supper
  • 6:30 pm – Free time to explore VBC and Alaska! (see Adventure Ideas listed below)

Team Member Information:

Please fill out the required information for each Team Member on the supplement form in your packet. Scan and email this form back to VBC when your team is assembled. This will help us in our project planning, lodging, and food service. We want to be fully prepared and ready for each Team Member.

Background Check

This is very important and a requirement for every adult that comes on our property when VBC campers are present. As you know, protecting our campers is our primary responsibility and we must do our due diligence to have information about every adult who has the ability to personally interact with any camper while on the facility. The Background Checks are the responsibility of the Work Team. Please verify for us that Background Checks have been completed for each Team Member prior to arrival by sending a Background Screening Report. We appreciate your assistance with this and we depend on the Work Team Group Leaders discretion on choosing each team member to be of the highest quality and trustworthiness.



Construction Experienced Member(s):

We ask each team to bring at least one construction experienced leader (Contractor) for their team. More than one experienced person would be helpful depending on the size and scope of the project(s) your team is assigned.


Please provide a Certificate of Liability from your organization/church insurance company, endorsed to add Victory Ministries of Alaska Inc. as additionally insured during your Work Team project dates.

We do not charge work teams.

We have already budgeted for this summer’s projects. However, we do challenge work teams to set a goal and raise money for VBC projects. A good goal is $500 per person. These funds go to summer projects and will be very helpful as the funds budgeted can be transferred to other projects throughout the year. Any fundraising you could do for camp prior to your mission trip would be a blessing. If you would like to bring up or donate project-specific tools, you can call and ask if there is a need.

Materials and tools will be ready when your team arrives, but depending on weather and the status of each project, your team could be working on something different every day. For many reasons, we ask for flexibility from our work teams. We can’t guarantee exactly what you will work on while you’re here, but we can guarantee that you will be supporting the ministry, no matter the work!


Transportation to Alaska:

Each Work Team will be responsible for getting to the Anchorage Airport.

Transportation In-State:

On the day of your arrival into Anchorage a VBC Staff Member will be there to meet your group with transportation to Victory Bible Camp and of course, return you to the airport on departure day.

Alaskan Adventure

Free Time

  • Off-Site
    • $ Matanuska Glacier (10 minutes away) 2-3 hour guided tour prices vary
    • $ Kingdom Air Corp (KAC) Flight around the region (40 min. away). Cost has varied, but approximately $75 per person. For KAC planning, VBC can assist in scheduling your flights prior to arrival.
    • Canoeing on Long Lake and Bonnie Lake.
    • $ Musk Ox Farm or Reindeer Farm (50 minutes away) $11 per person.
    • Seward, AK trip 4-5 hours away from camp (215 miles).
    • Valdez, AK Trip 4-5 hours away from camp (214 miles)
    • Denali, AK Trip 6-7 hours away from camp (252 miles)
    • Fairbanks, AK Trip 7-8 hours (342 miles thru Glennallen) Lodging may be available at Camp Li-Wa.
    • Complete Alaskan “loop” can be done in two 6-8 hour traveling days (700+ miles), but you will see A LOT of Alaska!!!
    • $ 1 day Fishing License ($25) 3 Day Fishing License ($45) This is required for fishing on any lake in Alaska including VBC’s two lakes.
    • Hike Lion’s Head 1-2 hours (moderate to difficult hike)
  • VBC On-Site
    • Canoeing, Fun-yaking, and Paddleboats
    • Fishing on Shallow lake – Fishing License Required – These can be purchased online here
    • Hike to an amazing fossil site 45 min-1 hour (Moderate Hike)
    • Hiking to beautiful views on Teepee Ridge 30-45 min (Easy Hike) (View pictured to the right)
    • One evening boating with VBC Program Staff boat driver
    • 1-2 evenings at Waterfront (Blob and other lake features)
    • Campfire & S’mores
What information do you need about the individual team members?

Work Team Information Sheets are needed one month prior to team arrival. (Link) The sooner we know who is coming and their skill sets, the more time we have to plan the right projects. Please also verify with VBC that a background check has been done for each team member, as well..

I can save $200 on a flight by rescheduling. Is Victory flexible on arrival/departure dates?

Yes, we are flexible to an extent. Team arrival day is Saturday so that you can all get your bearings before jumping in to the work week on Monday and it saves on training time. Departure days are important because of other teams arriving and preparing facilities for them. Please keep in mind that it is a 4-hour round-trip drive from camp to the airport, and the group leader is responsible for coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs.

Do I have to pay for food/housing?

No. These things are supplied by VBC.

Can I bring an RV?

Yes! We usually have plenty of RV spots with water, power and septic hookups.

What will I be working on?

Typical work at VBC is facility construction, remodelling projects, repairs and differed maintenance. Unfortunately, we don’t always have all the details in place before you come. Rain, emergencies, and scheduling can all play a part. We will pass on the projects to your team leader as soon as we nail them down.

What is the housing like?

VBC has a range of housing, most teams will stay in dorm-style units with 7-10 bedrooms. All of this is based on availability. Your team leader will receive your housing assignment 2 weeks before your trip.

I already did a background check through work/church. Can I forward you the results?

No.  Please give your background checks to your team leader. The team leader is responsible to keep the Background Screening Report for all team members.

Can I drink alcohol or smoke legal marijuana while at Victory?

No, Victory Staff and Volunteers are not allowed to drink or use legal marijuana on campus. We would also like you to consider the effect you may have if one of our campers or summer staffers sees you drinking at a local restaurant during the weekend. We have very good water from the spring.

Can I smoke or use tobacco products at Victory?

No. Victory Staff and Volunteers are not allowed to use tobacco products while on campus. If you have any questions, please run them through your team leader. Exceptions may be made in rare cases.

Can I use Illegal drugs at camp?

No. You are probably applying for the wrong camp.

I have a wild past. Should I bother with applying?

Yes! Even if you have a criminal record, we believe that God changes lives. We confidentially review your record with your Group Leader (need to know only) to see if it contains anything that will prevent you from volunteering here. We may ask for additional character references.

I don’t have any of the skills on your list. Will my application be denied?

No. If you are willing to serve/learn, then we can use you. 99.99% of the short term volunteer projects are at least as physical as painting and involve walking and standing for most of the day.

I don’t paint

Our “painting” is actually a self-defense class. By the end, you will have enough muscle control to defend yourself from a variety of predators.

I DON'T paint

Painting is a great way to build relationships with your fellow team members who do paint.

I REALLY don't paint

Yes, you do.

Will I be working with kids?

To save on training, we use the same summer staff for the entire camp season. If you can commit a whole summer and want to work with kids, check out this link: Otherwise, you may see kids during your time here, but you will have limited interaction.

What tools do I need to bring?

We supply everything to get the projects done. Work gloves and boots are a good idea because we probably won’t have your type/size. If you would like, there are other things that seem to be always in demand: Paintbrushes, tape measures, carpenter pencils, and other small perishable items.

What clothes should I pack?

Layers that you can work/paint in. It may rain, it may be sunny and 70 degrees. An extra pair of shoes is nice in case one set needs to dry.

Do I need to ship my large firearm up there to protect myself from bears?

No. 99% of the local critters are more afraid of you than you are of them. Typically, our staff is aware of any problem animals and will keep you informed. Keep your distance and learn the warning signs of an irritated animal.

Are there laundry facilities available?

Yes, you will have access to free laundry facilities.

How much cash should I bring for weekends?

You don’t “need” any money for VBC. $150 bucks should cover most of the popular local attractions (flying, glacier and a couple of local restaurants).  Feel free to spend it all at our gift shop where the profits benefit the camp. The Camp Gift Shop has a coffee bar and snacks.

Do I need my Bible?

Yes! We exist to bring people closer to their Creator. That includes you, and your team will have plenty of time to spend with that very book.