Outpost Program

Victory Bible Camp is looking for a group of interns to experience life and ministry in Alaska. We call it Outpost. The 9-month program, running from September through May, is designed for young adults ages 18-22, to equip and prepare for life as a ministry. Located on nearly 500 acres of paradise with epic mountain views, VBC serves thousands of students and adults per year with camps, retreats, adventure travel, and mission trips. It’s a pretty sweet place. This isn’t just an internship where we ask you to come to do our grunt work. You’ll do a bunch of that, but there are also a lot of opportunities for you to grow as a Christian, a professional, a servant, and a leader.


The life of an Outpost Intern includes…


Training Modules WEB Victory Bible Camp Internship ProgramTraining Modules We don’t just throw you into the water and tell you to swim, we teach you the skills you need to be successful in whatever path you choose. You’ll spend an average of 1-3 days per week in classes where you’ll learn more about our faith and ministry, ranging from Bible courses and book studies to ministry and personal development classes. One week you will learn how to share your faith and another week you will learn how to weld. Yeah. It’s that diverse. The key is that as you go through the program you will become a more well-rounded person and more solidified in your faith.


Camp Experience

Internship opportunity for Victory Bible CampBeyond classroom education, you will get to experience different departments around camp, learning and becoming an integral part of the operations at VBC. You may have the opportunity to work Front Desk, Maintenance, Food Service or even Horsemanship. The key is that in addition to all the broad training and experience that you will gain from the program itself, you will get to spend a portion of your time learning the kind of job or role that best suits you. Although the full-time staff all have their own departments and jobs, many times during the year we all pitch in to get things done. Sometimes it will be the interns handling set-up and cleaning duties as a group. Other times, the entire VBC staff will be working together to get the camp ready for our next guest group. When you’re in Outpost, you learn to work as a team to get these big tasks done.


Intern Community

Intern Community Outpost with Victory Bible CampWhile in the Outpost program, you will share a home with the other interns. Part of the joy and struggle with a community arrangement is learning to live and work together. We don’t want to undersell this. You will have to learn how to get along. You will have to learn how to manage conflicts. You will have to learn how to manage budgets. It’s part of life. Sometimes it will be the best part of being an intern. Sometimes it will be the worst. In the end, you will go through experiences together that will bond you with these people for life.


You may have opportunities in …

  • Guest Services/Retreats
  • Camps
  • Maintenance & Projects
  • Housekeeping
  • Administration
  • Food Service



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