Purpose: To provide hands on experience in the 5 main areas of Christian Camping. Maintenance and Facilities, Food Services, Administration, Program, and Guest Services.


You will spend 6-10 weeks working in each of the 5 areas. During May, June, July you will be placed in an area of need/interest for our summer season.

General Overview

  • 6-10 weeks per department
  • As a general guideline: September 1st – April 31st Mondays will be off for all staff. Sundays will be off unless assigned to a task. May – August, your day off will be determined by your supervisor.
  • Tuesdays at 1:30 will be an all staff meeting. Attending staff meeting is a requirement, unless prior permission is requested.
  • Wednesday morning will be the designated housekeeping day unless otherwise scheduled with supervisor (meet in the laundry room at 9:00)
  • Mentorship: one on one meetings with a mentor will take place at intern’s discretion and mentor’s availability. We recommend meeting weekly, but the minimum expectation is monthly. If you would like to go through a book or have a special request there is funding available to purchase books or materials.
  • Weekly/bi-weekly reports to be turned in during each rotation
  • Expectation of signing up for a minimum of 1 dish duty per day when a guest group is being served.
  • There will be two semester long courses, one in the fall and one in the spring, these courses will either be offered through Alaska Bible College, or will be taught by a staff member. These courses will focus on spiritual development and personal growth.
  • Each intern will be assigned an area of responsibility; this will be one of your primary roles for the duration of the internship. These roles include but are not limited to the following: RA for Outpost students, Miracle Lodge Host, Dining Room Supervisor, Glorious Grace Barista.
  • Time Off: (2024)

    Thanksgiving – November 25th-December 1st

    Christmas – December 16th-January 5th

The program is $1500 for the year.

Contact us at if you’re interested in an internship.

Guest Services (Sept- Oct)

  • Scheduling, communication with guest groups, contracts, pricing, etc. 
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Desk
  • Hosting
  • Budgeting Review 

Administration (Nov- Dec)  

  • Finances: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, and Non-profit Structure.
  • Marketing: printed materials, social media, church visitation
  • Gift Shop

Food Services (Jan – Mar)  

  • Ordering
  • Cooking 
  • Cleaning
  • Summer meal prep

Maintenance (Apr – May) 

  • Buildings/Rounds
  • Summer Planning
  • Budgeting/forecasting
  • Working in shop

Summer Program (May-July) 

  • Planning/Meeting
  • Registration
  • Facilitating initiatives 
  • Special assignment (SALT leader, Assistant Barn Manager, Program Assistant, Etc.)
  • Time Off: (2024)

    Thanksgiving – November 25th-December 1st

    Christmas – December 16th-January 5th