Retreat Information & Guidelines

Are you considering renting the beautiful facilities at Victory Bible Camp?

Please read through these guidelines to help ensure a great retreat and time of blessing, fellowship, and connecting with God’s beauty and presence.


If you are using one of Victory’s systems, our IT representative will orient whoever is assigned to run the sound system for your group. (see supplemental AV details)


  • Smoking is not permitted within 50 feet of any building or facility.
  • Alcoholic beverages and legal marijuana are not allowed on the grounds.
  • Pets are not allowed in any building and must be on a leash at all times.
  • For the comfort of our guests, quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am.
  • A waiver must be signed by any person intending to use a firearm prior to shooting. Use of firearms is allowed only at the Victory Shooting Range. When firearms are not in use the guns and ammunition must be kept locked up.


Upon arrival, the Group Leader must check in with the Guest Service Host to make the final retreat payment and receive any special instruction/information. If needed, final payment may be postponed until after the first meal in order to set up and prepare for attendees. The Group Leader must provide an attendance record of all group participants.


The Group Leader ensures the facilities are kept in an orderly condition. Guest groups will be held financially liable for damages by attendees extending beyond that arising from normal wear.


Meal hours are Breakfast 8:30am, Lunch 12:30pm, and Supper 5:30pm.


Victory’s Gift Shop carries snacks, espresso drinks and hot teas as well as a variety of both hand crafted and specialty items such as Victory apparel, Alaskan souvenirs, and basic toiletries.


The group must provide Victory with a Certificate of Liability Insurance. For groups with campers under the age of 18 years old, the Group Leader must verify to Victory that all campers under the age of 18 have medical permission slips in case of an emergency.

Important: The group is responsible for its own first aid and first aid supplies. Victory will provide the necessary staff to assist in any accident or injury but will rely on local EMS for serious injuries.


Most of Victory’s lodging facilities do not have pillows, bedding, or towels. It will be your attendees’ responsibility to bring their own.

Note: All of our Privacy Cabins (Douglas C, D, E, Cranberry, Mossberry, and Raspberry) do include bedding and towels.


Victory requests that a camp representative may present the Ministry and Mission of Victory Bible Camp at one of the first meals of the retreat. In addition, this will allow the opportunity to communicate any instructions regarding the use of the grounds and facilities.


Most program areas and/or activities need to be reserved and scheduled prior to your retreat. At times you may be sharing the camp facility with other groups, so prearranging use must be coordinated by the Victory staff. (see supplemental details)


The group must provide the appropriate and necessary adult supervision to safely operate all open activities such as the tube run, hiking, and lake(s) usage. The group will need to provide adult supervision of at least one adult per ten campers in any facility, lodging and activity in which youth are assigned.