Where horses and fun meet in a safe, Christ-centered place. 

Whatever your riding experience, our barn staff will help you  grow in your knowledge, ability and practice of western style riding. No previous experience is needed! You will also get to participate in hiking, swimming, boating, crafts, games, firesides, and many other fun activities! Above all, your camper will have the opportunity to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Summer 2024

    1-Buckaroo June 9-14 10 – 13 $429
    2-Range Rider June 16-21 13- 17 $429
    3-Buckaroo June 23-28 10 -13 $429
    4-Range Rider June 30 – July 5 13 – 17 $429
    5-Buckaroo July 7-12 10 – 13 $429
    6-Range Rider July 14-19 13 – 17 $429
    7-Buckaroo July 21-26 10 – 13 $429
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Buckaroo Camp  Ages 10-13, Weeks 1, 3, 5, & 7

Buckaroo camps are for all levels of riders! Barn time includes a focus on the fundamentals of horse care and beginning of horse training. While at Buckaroo camp, you can expect to learn horsemanship through a trail ride, arena classes, and ground classes. We also play fun games, and give opportunity for swimming, boating, hiking, and crafts!  We value growing your faith in the Lord while you’re here at camp. Chapels, firesides, cabin discussions, and building friendships are just a few of the many things that will help you learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Packing list

 Range Riders Camp  Ages 13-17, Weeks 2, 4, & 6

Range Riders Camp welcome Riders of all skill levels! As a teen camp, we will focus on diving deeper into horse training, care, and theory. Riders get more riding time in the arena, trail rides, and opportunities to explore different disciplines of horsemanship. In addition, Range Rider camp has lots of activities packed into the week! We’ll take a hike down to Hicks Creek for a cookout, play fun games around the camp, and go to waterfront for swimming and boating! Above all, our aim is to grow your faith in Christ through firesides, chapels, hearing testimonies from the Ranch Staff, and spending time with new and old friends!

Packing list

What To Bring

  • Long pants
  • Pajamas
  • Boots/Closed Toed Shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Water Shoes or Crocs
  • Backpack
  • Raincoat (waterproof)
  • Sleeping bag & Pillow (with case)
  • Water bottle
  • Bible, Notebook & Pen/Pencil
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste)
  • Sunscreen & Lip balm
  • Towel & washcloth
  • Swimsuit (modest one-piece)

What NOT To Bring

  • Cell Phones (If your child needs an alarm clock, they must use another device.)
  • Computers
  • iPods
  • Electronic games
  • Radios
  • MP3 players CDs
  • Video cameras
  • Short shorts
  • Spandex bottoms
  • Tight/spaghetti strap tank and t-shirts
  • Pets
  • Alcohol, Tobacco products, Illegal drugs, Marijuana, or Vapes. 
  • Knives
  • Lighters
  • Fireworks
  • Firearms
  • Revealing one/two piece swimsuits
  • Cash (Spending money should be turned in at registration)
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